This service is brilliant. Jacquie is a true professional. She is warm, friendly and gets the job done. She listens to you and gives you the results. An excellent area of the service was what I did not want Jacquie takes to the charity shop.
Thank you Jacquie for a great service, I will tell my friends and family.

Leone, East London

I asked Jacquie if she could help a relative of mine who had felt overwhelmed about being able to restore order after his flat had been worked on by builders. Jacquie forged an excellent partnership arrangement with the client, working sensitively and effectively at a pace which suited his needs to declutter, clean and reorganise his living space. When this was done a plan was made to enable the client to maintain the newly reordered space.
Am so glad I came across this service and would definitely recommend Jacquie.

Jo, Romford

The Declutter Consultant popped up on my Facebook page and instantly grabbed my attention. My childrens toy room was completely 'out of control' with toys they had outgrown, broken toys, complete and utter toot, stuff that shouldn't have even been in there and the toys that they played with were not in their correct boxes and bits and bobs were everywhere. Many a time I had gone in there to organise and tidy up but I found it hard to give away the toys they played with when little and ended up just squeezing them back into cupboards. It got to a point where my children didn't even go in there as they themselves couldn't find what they wanted.
I contacted Jacquie and we set a date, i was a little nervous and a tad embarrassed but when I met Jacquie I felt instantly at ease. We jointly worked non stop for 5 hours, Jacquie got me organised straight away with different colour bags to either send to charity, throw away, put away or relocate to another room. We chatted as we worked for the whole 5 hours and along with completely decluttering and organising the toy room, I really enjoyed our time together . When we finished we loaded up all the items for charity in Jacquie's everying car including a big rocking horse
Along with the toy room being completely detoxed and organised it felt my head also had more space.
I honestly cannot recommend Jacquie enough, I am so glad I came across her Facebook page and wish her every success in the future.

Tracy, Mountnessing

Before I called the Declutter Consultant I was drowning in clutter. No flat surface was free of rubbish or objects. I couldn't see my carpet as that was covered too. Within 48 hours, Jacquie had had got me my house back and my life! The after effects of being cutter free have been profound! It has helped with my depression no end. Jacquie, has also shown me how organise my life better. So to avoid slipping back into bad habits. So far, 2 months down the line I'm still clutter free and very happy.
So, thank you Jacquie "The Declutter Consultant". You got me my life back.

Paul, Hornchurch

I had The Declutter Consultant round to help me sort out my out building so I could then start to sort out my house. She did an amazing job! We stayed focused and had a lovely time. I didn't expect the level of detail Jacquie provided. She not only helped me tidy and organize she also advised me on things that really helped me decide what to keep and what to throw. I'll be having The Declutter Consultant back soon.

Marcie, Stock